Change Your Life by 30 Days  Challenge

  • Analyze the market your company operates in

  • Identify competitors and their offerings and strategies

  • Learn as much information about your product/service as possible

  • Find out what tools and methods are available for managing sales-related paperwork, emails, reports and documents

  • Hold meetings with the management, coworkers, department heads and team leaders

  • Meet the sales manager to discuss sales prioritization and specified time-frames

  • Identify top  opportunities for sales within the market

  • Contact all current accounts by email to information them about their new representative

  • Report on the progress of your work to the sales manager

  • Consider looking for a mentor who will help you do your role and responsibilities at early stages

  • Attend and complete company trainings dedicated to sales strategy, processes and methods


Review all  customer accounts and analyze their status

  • Review current state of customer satisfaction  to identify issues happened

  • Analyze current supplier relationships to identify issues happened

  • Profile customer accounts and create records about personalities, demands, preferences, etc.

  • Create a strategy for building long-tern rapport with your customers

  • Identify the most cost-effective route for driving sales in the market

  • Design and schedule your product presentation/demonstration programs

  • Figure out how many prospects can potentially attend your promotional events and tradeshows

  • Track and record actual attendance

  • Continue to keep your paperwork and records accurate and effective

  • Keep a dialog with the sales manager about sales performance

  • Encourage customers for feedback and testimonials about your product/service

  • Learn to improve product knowledge

  • Learn to improve product recognition

  • Continue to respond to customer emails

        Continue to attract new customers and manage                current accounts

  • Develop a prospecting strategy and discuss it with the sales manager for corrections and suggestions

  • Start implementing this strategy once all corrections and suggestions are considered

  • Be ready to work hard to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and sales management

  • Keep focusing on building and strengthening customer relationships

  • Try to develop new proactive ways of getting prospects and generating sales leads

  • Review your schedule and be sure it has a monthly plan for presentation programs and product demonstrations

  • Collaborate with the sales team and learn to act as a group member (following the principles of teamwork)

  • Plan a long-term (yearly) sales plan and agree it with the sales manager

  • Use SWOT analysis to create a strategy for defending against competitive.....

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